January Motivation, Inspiration, & Anxiety

January 13, 2018


Lets start with Anxiety. December was bad, but January has been really good so far! I am so ready to slay this year, and take everyday as it comes. Living in the present is such a blessing. It's precisely this that has made my Anxiety so much better lately. I am so motivated for this year, I have some great resolutions I have stuck to so far.

I have a few more resolutions I have come to follow, which are drinking more water, meditating, and learning Calligraphy. Every year I try to drink more water as a resolution, but this year I didn't write it down. Instead I have been hustling hard, and drinking tonnes of water, which is why I have added it again. This year I will do it. The second resolution was meditating. I recently watched a video about someone who tried meditating everyday for a week, and I found it really inspirational. I use to do a lot of yoga (until my yoga studio moved, and has not re-opened yet ): ) but I use to do OmRestore yoga which was kind of like meditation and yoga together. I freaking loved that class, and miss it terribly. I decided to get back to meditating, and doing it properly this time.

I use the app Headspace, and I really love it. There are lots of different packs of meditation for different things, one of them being Anxiety. I really love this app, and look forward to it everyday. It makes me so much more motivated, and ready to hustle. One thing that really helps this is the fact that in the youtube video I was watching, which was about getting ready for 2018, she said to come up with a quote you will live by for the year of 2018. Hustle Hard Girl. That was the first thing I thought of. So every time I meditate, I am reminded of that video and quote. The motivation and inspiration it brings is unbelievable.

Ever since I started meditating, and living by this quote I have not had any Anxiety (well no where near as much) and it has been amazing. All of this has really had my creative juices flowing, and I mean for youtube videos. That is my #1 passion at the moment. In fact I actually filmed a "New Year's Resolutions 2018" video for the first video of 2018. However I was not completely happy with it, so I deleted it after uploading it, scheduling it, and creating a thumbnail for it. Everything was ready, but I didn't want to start 2018 with a video I was not completely happy with. So last minute I deleted it, and started filming an "Organize Your Life 2018" video. Best decision I have made so far this year ;) I love the video, and it has made me so excited to film another! I have so many ideas for videos at the moment. I have enough video ideas to last till March. I am seriously ready, and excited for this.

The last resolution I added was learning Calligraphy, but I want to do a whole separate blog post on that ;)

I found coming up with a quote to live by for 2018 to be insanely helpful, motivational, and inspirational. So I challenge all of you to come up with a quote you will live by for the year. It can be one you made up, or one you have seen, anything.

Hustle Hard Girl,

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  1. I LOVE headspace! One of my favourite apps to use when I need to wind down.

    1. Yes! Definitely a good one! xx



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